Client Feedback

I wouldn’t use anyone else...
I highly recommend Howard. He is professional, kind, and caring. We have used him for both of our sons and have been extremely happy with his services. He makes himself available if you have any questions along the way. I wouldn’t use anyone else after meeting Howard!

Serena Garges, Sellersville, PA

Extremely professional... 

Howard was extremely professional and skilled at providing our sons with their circumcisions. I had home births with my children and we knew that if we had boys we would have to find someone to provide circumcisions. Valley Place in Huntington Valley provided us with Howard’s information and we used him for our first son in 2010 and again with our third child in 2014. We have also recommended him to friends who have used him. We were very pleased with our experience and the outcomes of both our sons circumcisions. We would definitely use and recommend Howard over and over again!

Alina Chrisman, Horsham, PA

As a midwife assistant...,

we (the midwife and I) have been very pleased with the service that Howard offers for our clients. We have only had very good results and we highly recommend him to all our home birth clients. Clean, professional, and caring. Procedure only takes a few minutes and he is so gentle with the tiny babies as he hums them a tune! Easy to work with as far as scheduling. We would definitely recommend his service!!!

Laura Kauffman, Allensville, PA

Howard was incredibly professional... 

and so helpful at a time of uncertainty for our family. With my son being born at the start of a national pandemic, doctors' offices were closing and elective surgeries were being canceled or postponed. I was STRESSING out about how we were going to take care of our son's circumcision. Howard came to our home (with caution—mask & gloves.) He was professional, friendly, quick and thorough! Here for a total of 30 mins! HIGHLY recommended!

Dana Nafziger, Trenton, NJ

I definitely recommend Howard;

He did good work on our son.  We were very pleased with his manner, patience and evident expertise and experience. 

Benuel Glick, Belleville, PA

Cantor Howard was wonderful!!

After a more uncomfortable and clinical type experience with our first son’s circumcision, we were seeking someone who was kind and gentle and made the procedure very comfortable, not just physically, but emotionally as well (for parents and child). Cantor Howard is and does all of those things! He was friendly and explained everything about the procedure very clearly. H


His wife showed me how to take a little stick with a sponge on it (that they provide) and dip it into some sugar water for my tiny baby to suck on to help distract and comfort him (my baby boy loved it! I really think it helped). They also only used a topical anesthetic, which was much preferable to me then an injection. As for the surgery itself - it was super quick and super clean – my son didn’t even bleed during the surgery (contrast this to my first son, who screamed and cried during an anesthetic injection and the “bell method” procedure and most definitely bled, along with a doctor and clinic that was less than comforting and friendly).


Howard gave us detailed instructions on how to care for his private area as it healed. Our son is now eight weeks old and everything about his circumcision has healed beautifully and looks completely normal! SO thankful to have found Cantor Howard - I’m sure we would turn to his expertise again if we have another son!

Emily and Aaron House, Akron, PA

Second time using Howard...

and once again, we were so happy with our choice! He was extremely professional, yet it was very comfortable having him in our home. Appreciate his continuous support and feedback throughout the healing process. Would highly recommend. 

Joel & Amber James, Willingboro, NJ

So professional and gentle... 
Hazzan Howard Glantz was so professional and gentle with our newborn son. He was very accommodating to us & made himself accessible- answering all our questions. We are so pleased with his performance and grateful that he took the time to explain the process to us (as this is our firstborn son). As he sung and said a prayer welcoming our son into God's covenant, we felt at peace. He is so kind and has a great sense of humor! As we grow our family, we would love to use him again for any future sons! We are very happy!!! Glory be to God!

Sarah L. Philadelphia, PA

Cantor Glantz is wonderful!

He performs the ceremony with extreme care and gentleness for the child and guides the family through the entire process. He speaks beautifully and expounds upon the tradition for everyone in attendance. Last but not least he has a beautiful voice for singing !

Judah R. Merion Station, PA

A fantastic experience...

We had a fantastic experience with Howard with our first son and we fully intend on using his services again with our new son, who is due soon. I have and will continue to highly recommend his expertise to friends and family.

Shanti and Dave W. Oxford, PA

Available for follow up questions...

Howard is knowledgeable and professional; he made himself available at convenient times, he came to us, and is very efficient and skilled at what he does. He left us with literature and supplies and further made himself available for follow up questions. If the occasion arises we will be calling him again!

Rachael and Patrick R.  Rockledge, PA

So happy with Howard and his work...

My husband and I were very happy with Howard and his work! Before he came out to our house, we talked on the phone a couple of times. He explained everything to us and made a protective momma feel comfortable! Circumcision is a choice, and I'm glad we chose it! And I'm even happier we chose Howard to carry it out. My now 4 week old son is healed and doing well. Thank you!!

Kate M. Allentown, PA

Surprising speed and beautiful blessing...

Thanks for coming out right to our home and circumcising our son. We were very impressed with the professional way you explained the procedure, and the way you skillfully carried out the circumcision . Our son healed nicely, and didn't seem  to have much, if any pain through the healing process. We had our first two sons circumcised at a hospital, and had complications with the  healing process. We didn't  have any problems this time. You made us feel comfortable, and any time we had  questions, you answered  them quickly. I was surprised at how fast the procedure was  performed and how soon our son calmed down and rested. We also appreciated the blessing you spoke over our son, because it is our prayer that one day he will become a mighty man of God.

Joelle S. Lancaster, PA

Care and Precision

Both my husband and I continue to be very pleased with the care and precision in circumcision provided by Howard Glantz. With this being our first son, I as a new mother was very nervous, but Howard calmed our fears and gently explained each step of the process. He also informed us he was available afterwards, 24/7, should any problems and questions arise; and he did indeed promptly answer the questions we had in the days following. After the circumcision, Howard provided us with all the items needed to care for the procedure. Again, we have been so pleased with him in this process and highly recommend him! 

Deven & Kimberly D.

Rob & I

were referred to Howard Glantz by my midwifery practice.  Howard was always extremely helpful and clear when answering our many questions. It seems his main concern is that his clients feel comfortable and well-informed before the procedure. He circumcised our first son in 2010.  Then we were happy to welcome him back into our home to circumcise our second son in 2012.

Weeks after our second son was circumcised, we had concern that part of the area was reattaching. Howard came right over to our house a couple hours after we spoke to take a look and put our minds at ease. I appreciate how quickly he returns phone calls and addresses our concerns.  He's always been very easy to get in contact with.  

He does an excellent job and I would highly recommend Howard Glantz!

~Tara & Rob Garrison (Glenside, PA)

Being a midwife... 

and seeing circumcisions in the hospital setting had tainted my views. At first, I was frightened by the whole idea of a non-doctor performing such an important procedure.  When I became pregnant with my son, I knew that I would have him circumcised for several reasons. I just needed to find the right person for it. 

When Cantor Glantz was recommended by my midwifery practice for his services, it was serendipity. My husband and I contacted Howard when I was 8 months pregnant and we felt right at ease. His training and experience was just what I was looking for.

I was so happy with the end result, that I recommend him to all my patients pregnant with boys.
Thank you Howard, for a wonderful experience

With great appreciation, 

Mother of 2 and midwife to many, Yelena L., Milltown, NJ

"Hazzan Howard K. Glantz is...

so amazingly skilled at what he does and was extremely accommodating for us, two essential qualities in such an important procedure. We were not happy with the limited choices available to us in our situation. What a blessing to have been connected to such a experienced and skilled professional!

From the first contact, he was extremely accommodating even though we are not Jewish and did not live close. He worked with us in detail, first helping us to work out the logistics, and was willing to travel up to where we live in the Poconos. He is very personable, kind, offering a touch of humor at just the right moment, and skilled at communicating, answering all of our questions as well as a few we didn't know to ask. 

He walked us through the procedure, instructing us what to expect and what to do after the circumcision. Hazzan Glantz is amazingly skilled!! The procedure was quick and skillfully done with confidence and grace. With our permission, he was even kind to sing soothing tunes during the procedure, which calmed our hearts as well as set a spiritual tone that made the event special.

Instead of a cold hospital procedure, where we would most likely not be able to be with our son, we were both present. Our son's healing was quick and the pain was minimal. In all, a great experience and, should we be blessed with more sons, we will confidently desire his services again. 

Thank you Hazzan Glantz, for all that you did for us, we count ourselves blessed that you shared your skills and heart with us on a very important day."

Joshua and Jessica Luttrell



Dear Hazzan Howard,

This past Sunday I attended the bris of baby Sy.  As a surgeon of over 30 years I was so impressed by your skills, compassion, coolness and equanimity under pressure. I wish that many of my colleagues would have those same characteristics.  It was a delight to be a part of the mitzvah. You made the whole experience quite exhilarating. Congrats on your fine work.  


Dr. Mark Sherman




  • Ritual circumcision: Visit

  • non-ritual circumcision of newborn boys

  • Hospital-trained, sterilized instruments & a sterile field - comfort of your own home.

  • ​Several pain management options

  • Unlimited follow up

On the fence?


  • Consult your trusted medical professional

  • Discuss this fully with spouse/partner and be sure you are in agreement preferably before baby boy arrives

Client Feedback


“His training and experience was just what I was looking for..."
"We were nervous for our son, but Cantor Glantz put us at ease.  Professional,  knowledgeable and answered all of our questions."